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Rice Water Deep Conditioner

Rice Water Deep Conditioner

This new addition works as a miracle hair growth agent. Rice water helps promote hair growth, mends split ends, adds shine, and stops dandruff. It even works as a cure for head lice. This works for all hair types. It helps keep your hair perfectly balanced, working as both a protein and moisturizing conditioner. It is packed with proteins, amino acids, Vitamins B, C & E. Add this deep conditioner to your wash day routine today!


    Add this product to your hair care regimen today. It is highly recomended to apply this product as a pre-poo treatment. Water can act as a barrier, limiting the full penetration of products especially in low porosity hair. Therefore, apply this product before you shampoo your hair. Leave on for 45 minutes with a shower cap/ heated cap. Rinse and then continue with your wash day routine. We guarantee you will see results after just one use. Refridgerate after opening.

  • Main Ingredients

    Low Porosity Ingredients High Porosity/Relaxed Hair Ingredients
    Rice Water Rice Water
    Xanthan Gum Xanthan Gum
    Tea Tree Oil Coconut Oil
    Castor Oil Castor Oil
    Glycerin Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein/Biotin
    Coconut Oil Tea Tree Oil

    Mineral Oil                                                         

    Optiphen Plus Optiphen Plus


  • Shipping Info

    All shipments are done through Canada Post Standarized Shipping. There is a flat rate of $10.00 for all Canadian orders. There is a flat rate of $25.00 for all US orders. 

  • Measurement

    One Size: 8 oz Plastic Jar

  • Return Policy

    14 day free trial! Full refund or exchange of any defective products. 

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